Bypassing Websense for games (WoW, EQ2, Combat Arms)

I'm hoping that someone will be willing to bestow the knowledge of bypassing websense to connect to EQ2 upon me!

I've looked into VPN tunneling, I really don't know if that's a viable solution or not, and don't really understand how to set it up, etc..

I'm basically sitting in an empty facility in the security monitoring room as insurance in case a fire alarm goes off. The building is in the final stages of construction and I'm employed by the construction company, not the building owner, thus I should not be restricted by the evil known as websense.

Any help would be appreciated... I'm working 13 hour shifts for the next 14 days straight.
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  1. You can try HTTP Tunneling, but I'm not sure if it will let you play online games.

    In any case, if you're stuck with a browser, but find a way to get past Websense for surfing, here are some Flash games you might like.
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