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I'm just wondering if there is a recommended hard drive out there of 2TB that would work best for a PC based DVR? I recently doubled the number of cameras I have running on my system and would like to double the storage, without having to add extra drives. The 1TB WD Caviar Green has worked very well, but the local dealer, where I bought my capture card from strongly recommends against continuing to use the drive because of the relatively low MTBF rating of the drive. It makes sense, but he had no concrete recommendations for a replacement, so I thought I would ask the community.

Thanks for your input. :)
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  1. The WD black will probably be too loud for a HTPC as it's a performance drive. Unfortunately I don't think there are any 2T drives for HTPC yet, but you may want to look at WD's A/V line of drives.


    or possibly the Hitachi Cinemastar series.


    A/V drives are made for 24/7 use in PVR's/DVR's and stuff.
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