Cannot reset BIOS after fail OC

I failed at overclocking my MSI-870 and now my pc will not boot. I tried to reset bios by shorting the jumpers and battery for 30 minutes but the PC will still not boot. IS there any other way that I can reset my bios ?
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  1. If you can boot from a floppy or flash drive you could run a bios update
  2. If your board has a removable BIOS chip, you may have to consider ordering a replacement BIOS chip. If your BIOS chip is not removable, you may have to visit a tech shop to have them try to re-flash it on the board.
  3. I'm with TreeFrog here. If you absolutely cannot reset the BIOS with the jumper or 'CLEAR CMOS' button on the board, then you're out of luck other than trying to re-flash another copy onto the chip, or trying to completely replace the chip. Are you sure it's a failed overclocking? I'm assuming it's throwing up the 'Previous Overclock has Failed' error, but the last I checked, you can fix that by powering up and down the system three times. At least that's what the manual to my 790FX says. Can you tell us what it's showing on screen when this happens?
  4. thats why overclocking isnt in the dictoinary
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