What can cause dvd drives to keep searching for disc at startup

At power on, both dvd drives, one rom the other dvdw, search for a disc 8 times with a time in between searches of approx 5 secounds. After the searching the pc goes into post and all seems ok. I have tried one drive at a time, connected at power up, still the same. Both dvd drives are IDE, and the hard disc is SATA. Anybody come accross this before??

Any/all help appreciated,

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  1. Are you leaving any disks in the drives?
    You can go into bios and set the hard drive as first boot device.
  2. Thank you for a quick reply.

    Drives are empty, and hard disc is first boot dvd and floppy are disabled. I have tried with one then both drives disconnected, IDE disconnected cable, and no searching but the pc still took the same amount of time to post. Searching every 5 secounds x 8 searches approx 40-45 secounds. Only advantage with both drives uncoupled is the lack of noise at search, but of course no drives, no cd or dvd play. Asus cannot throw any light on my prob and say " In this situation, please consider to contact your retailer for a check. If it is due to motherboard faulty, he will send it to us through distributor for RMA. We will solve your problem as soon as possible", so they think it could be the motherboard??? Everything else works fine. I have also updated the firmware in both drives and then uninstalled it again and gone back to original settings. Still the same. Looks like I will have to spend some money.
  3. Try disabling "Autoplay" in Control Panel.
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