9800 GT SLI Problems

Ok, I have just installed my second 9800 GT Video card, the first one and the second one are by the same manufacturer. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, 8 gigs Corsair RAM, 400 Watt PSU(For Motherboard and drives), 650 Watt Thermaltake Toughpower PowerExpress PSU(Video Cards Only), ASUS Mobo M3N72-D.
When I turn on SLI, I cannot play WoW or any other game because the screen is all messed up, what it looks like to me is that it is trying to display both screens and they are not syncronized. I have looked all over every forum, called tech support and sat on hold for 25 minutes without anyone helping me. If I turn SLI off, the games run fine, but nothing but windows will run with SLI on. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas that may help?
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  1. Silly point, but you have used the bridge connector between the cards, right?
  2. Of course, I am using the bridge betwen the two cards. Silly point, but could easily have been forgotten.
  3. Probably totally unrelated cos your on 64 bit.....but

    I had terrible trouble in Vista 32 with any 18x.00 drivers

    174x.xx ones worked but not as well as I imagined.

    Currently using 185.20 in windows XP 32 bit sli 8800gt with fantastic performance, but again other drivers where rubbish (would often get bsod after 5 secs of a game loading and it wasnt temp related)

    Also even though both my cards are the same, it 'prefered' having one in particular in the primary slot, so if you havent already tried, just swap your cards and see if you get better results.

    Good luck
  4. I always forget something.......

    Not familiar with your Mobo (just looked at a few pics of it) does it have a card to flip? single/dual....cant see one though.

    And wow does the bridge go from blue port to black? thats a big bridge :)
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