I need the DC input pinout for a Gateway Profile 4

Hi all - this uses that 6 pin DC power plug that nearly identical with a PCI-E plug. I have no original AC adapter, and I need to know which connections are 12V or ground.
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  1. if you use a pci-e plug make shure either mark the wires or swap the pins, because I used the same thing originally and destroyed the power board, ended up having to find one on ebay (their not cheep......). Im using mine in a car and hooked it strait to the battery, not a good idea though. Now i have it hooked throuhg a dc-dc converter 9-18in-12volts out to prevent over and under voltage. make shure you have at least 8 amps min on your power source otherwise it has problems starting up. as you notice it recommends 13.33A @ 12vDC.

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