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I just started playing games on this older machine. What should I do to keep it cool? Besides get a new computer. Was thinking of taking out the modem card. The fan in the back is pretty weak. Although the CPU has a big heat sink and fan it gets really hot. And when playing a game the graphics card gets way up there too. I did clean out all the dust. Not sure where to start. Thanks.

I added the Enermax PS, some more ram and the X850xt graphics card a few years ago.
Everything else is stock, no overclocking.


idle temps


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  1. Is that a spot for another fan on the bottom front?
    I would check the fans you have real closely and see what brand/model they are. Then google them and see what the CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) that they push vs the db(noise they produce) so that when you go looking for more fans, you know how much more air/noise you're going to be adding instead of accidently getting the same kind of fan!

    The modem card could be replaced with something like:
  2. better wire management so that air flows more freely, new HS for the cpu, and better intake/exhaust fans for better case airflow. not much else u can do
  3. ^+1 @ 14yue. Better fans are about your only choice, maybe get one that comes with a rheostat or switch so you can balance noise vs. cooling as needed. That CPU HSF looks pretty dusty. Cleaning it out should help.
  4. lapping HS and cpu could also lower temps but i dunno if its worth it with ur rig. another thing thats ez to do is disconnect the old hs and REALLY clean it. disconnect the fan from the aluminum and clean it in some water and reinstall everything with some new thermal paste.
  5. Looks like a fan in the front is possible. Since all the other fans seem to draw out, I assume one pulling fresh air in the front? Then maybe pull modem card and move tv tuner down and put that slot cooler under gpu.

    And pull and clean cpu heat sink, add new grease. Could lapp, I have 1000 grit.

    So if that would help then I just need to figure out what fans and how to hook them up.
    All the fans are pretty quiet except for the x850xt which is loud as heck.

    Guess wires could be cleaned up some but there is a lot of stuff crammed in here.
  6. Cleaning HS now. Looks like lapping HS is no go for me cause I did not know what was there. Copper core press fitted inside of aluminum fins. Plus has those 4 big legs attached.
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