Can't enter bios after installing new graphics card.

Hello all. I've never encountered any problem like this that wouldnt be solved with some quick searches on the internet.

I'll get straight to the point:
I had a XFX Geforce 9800gtx, which i changed to a Gainward Geforce gtx275 the other day. Everything seemed fine, i installed the drivers from disc without problem. Then I did some testing to see if everything was fine (Crysis, etc). No problems detected.

So I figured I'd go online to see if there had been released more recent drivers for my card. But to my surprise I noticed that I had 'Limited or no connection' (don't know how to translate it more accurately as I'm running a norwegian version of Vista).

I proceeded doing all the usual troubleshooting, like unplugging the modem and setting it back in, flushing dns, ipconfig, etc, and when I tried changing the ethernet cable i noticed an orange light in the back of my ethernet adapter, so i figured that it might have been damaged by static or something (which i REALLY doubt).

Anyway, after trying 10 different cables, 20-30 modem reboots with no luck. I figured I'd check out the BIOS. This part really puzzled me; when i tried pressing delete to enter setup all i got was a black screen. Figured it was a fluke, so i tried resetting with the powerbutton, but the same problem reoccured.

tl;dr: my computer runs as usual, meaning windows boots like it should.

Problem: Orange light in ethernet port, can't enter windows. Problem first occured after changing graphics adapter.
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  1. Sorry about the double post. I blame my workstation :(
  2. Please reply in the other thread. Can't edit post from my workstation for some reason, but anyway:

    MB: Asus p5n-d 750 SLi
    CPU: Dualcore E8500
    GFX: Gainward Geforce gtx275 (previous was an XFX Geforce 9800gtx)
    Memory: 2x2gb Corsair dominator DDR2 1066mhz (iirc, not 100% sure, and can't check from work)
    PSU: Corsair 750w
    OS: Vista home premium 32bit

    If I've left out anything relevant, please let me know (in the other thread preferably).

    Thanks for looking into this, I appreciate your help, a lot!
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