How do I install Mac OS X Leopard as my OS on my New Build

Hello everyone...

Just did my 1st build and as of right now Im running xp pro but kinda tired of the sometimes freezing of explorer and updating windows weekly.

Is it possible to buy Mac OS X v10.5.4 Leopard and install it as the operating system instead of XP ?

And if so will there be any problems with my hardware? listed in my signature.

Help installing this would be greatly app.

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  1. doing so is quite illegal and very hard to get working properly.
  2. I wouldn't call it Illegal, just outside of the EULA......but still difficult.

    I would kinda compare it to getting ATI demos to work on Nvidia cards and vice versa.

    Its probably covered by the DMCA, however Since you are actually paying for it, I don't see how its morally wrong. I mean its like me cracking my legally owned copy of Madden 07 to work with Vista 64bit, the original version refused to run, so i got a cracked exe to bypass EADMs issues with the game and Vista 64. Technically I think that would be considered bypassing the copy protection, which the DMCA says is illegal.
  3. Ok, somebody has to ask the obvious question:

    why on earth are you thinking mac OS and not Vista? You are using current hardware with an 9 year old OS. Just wondering.

    to answer your question -- it is possible but not legal. your "tv turner" will not be supported -- not sure about the mobo
  4. there is actually that efix thingy that you connect to a usb header on the motherboard. that's supposed to allow you to run a non-hacked version of osx on a pc, but it's pretty expensive and supports next to no hardware. if you really want a mac, go to ebay and buy a used mac mini.
  5. Okay, it looks like your rig is a gaming system, which really kills any *nix based OS. Second, all the major OS's have updates these days. Also, from the looks of it, you're better off going with Vista 64-bit.
  6. Quote:
    The crashes arent XP's fault, they are YOUR Fault, having had xp pro myself since it came out, i only crash when "I" do something stupid. otherwise its stable.

    i agree. all the vista BSoD's i ever got were overclocking related and on one occasion an ATI graphics driver. i barely even had any BSoD's with XP, except for when i installed SP3. I ran into a hardware incompatibility. my wireless B adapter that wasn't even supposed to be windows xp compatible.
  7. so as it looks you guys wouldnt try this and its hard...

    i dont do anything crazy for it to crash...sometimes its just a internet lag or loading of a plug in that sometimes not offen but sometimes basically to me confused windows so it freezes that program running and u have to end task.

    for now vista 64 is the way to go?

    what will i see if differences between the speeds of xp and vista?
  8. Something's wrong with your build if it's freezing. Have you run memtest86+ overnight to test for RAM errors? Did you set the RAM timings and voltages to the manufacturers specs in the BIOS?

    Yes, 64-bit Vista is the way to go.

    Since SP1, Vista and XP are very close to the same speed. Vista is actually a lot faster at launching the applications you use a lot because of Superfetch. I have 64-bit Vista on my machine and I haven't missed XP for a second.
  9. I agree with shortstuff. If you're getting crashes with that kind of machine you've got major issues.

    I also agree with Vista over XP, 64bit at that. Best OS I've ever used from microsoft.
    Windows 7 runs even better :)
  10. shortstuff_mt said:
    I have 64-bit Vista on my machine and I haven't missed XP for a second.

    my thoughts and experience exactly.
  11. I see here no one is answering your question. Great nothing but Windows on lovers. Yes you can do this. But they are correct it is not compatible with all hardware but if you are willing to spend a little time and read the right pages, you can find a lot of the drivers for you MOBO on the net. I too really got tired of windows. I have now swapped my family and they could not be happier. Here is the setup on one of my machines. This one was a walk in the park, I had it up and running in just 4 hours with reading. Driver kexts on the net.

    Q6600 processor (Over clocked to 3.4)
    NVIDIA 9600GT GDDR3 512MB
    4 Ballistic 44412 2GB ram
    1TB Seagate HD
    LG DVD Drive
    Kingston 1GB USB boot

    Talk about 9 year old OS. But it is already a 64bit OS. Talk about fast, this is lighting. I am also running VMware fusion 2.0 and windows even run faster. I only have a few games I run:

    Microsoft Flight Sim Deluxe Full graphics
    Call Of Duty
    Blackhawk Down
    and a few others, and they all work just fine.

    Just checkout these site for help

    Most popular MOBO ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI
  12. Hi All,
    It is a good question. There is a USA company that make PC computer and selling with Mac OS x. Now Apple went to the court against them. I think next year will be decision in Oct. or Nov. It has to be be permitted install Mac OS X on any computer if buy a legal copy.
    Which is better I tried all Microsoft including until XP. NOw the new PC crashing with it but that is an other topic and write with the Apple computer that has hardware design mistake what is also make me logic install Mac OS X on any computer.
    Vista did not try but Mac OS X much stable than Windows and work more transparent.
    I downloaded the Windows 7 from their site and will try also.
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