Which is the better RAID0 to use for a system disk?

I have two pairs of SSD Drives. One set is OCZ Vertex 60GB. The other is Intel 25-V 40GB. I created a RAID0 volumes with each pair, installed Windows 7 64bit on each, and ran a few benchmarks. Here are the results:

The results point to OCZ having the better read/write speeds, but the Intel having the better access time. Although I don't put too much stock in it, the Windows Experience Index on my machine lists the OCZ drives as 7.5 and the Intel drives as 7.8

Which would you use for an OS drive/volume?

The machine will be multi-purpose...some browsing, some ms office, some gaming, some video editing....

Thanks for your feedback.
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  1. The OCZ array with the faster read/write times.

    But then again, with those results, either array will perform well.
  2. What stripesize did you use? What RAID0 controller? If intel; try enabling write-back and bench again?
    Very poor RAID0 scores -- sometimes even lower than a single SSD; so something is very wrong with your setup.

    Did you reserve additional spare space or just used all? How long have the SSDs been in use from the moment they were still in their original packaging?
  3. Intel ICH10R on the Asus P6T Dexluse V2. Standard RAID0 stripe, which I think is 128.

    The write back is enabled....drives have had a complete scrub with a new beta firmware (OCZ). I created a 60GB volume, so that I could use either array AND possibly use just a single OCZ drive. So there is either a 20GB buffer (25%) on the Intel RAID Array or a 60GB buffer (50%) on the OCZ RAID Array. Less than 6 months use on any of the drives.
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