Cooler for E8400 to get to 3.9Ghz

I have a E8400, Currently overclocked to 3.3Ghz with stock cooling

I monitor the temps with CoreTemp.

Idle temp: 49-51C
Core Damage brings it to 72C after 23 seconds :o :o .
Never passes 70 playing stuff.
Intel says I shouldn't Pass 72.4C

I'm thinking of buying this, Get it to 3.6 or maybe even 3.9.

Good Idea? Bad Idea? Should I go for something else? Should I change back to 3.0 for now? (Haven't cleaned my PC for a while, its probably really dusty there)
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  1. Thermaltake coolers normally look the part, but aren't very good when it comes down to what really matters. I would look at Xigmatek's or Prolimatech's offerings as they are some of the most bad-ass air cooling you can get :].

    Also yeah.. I would down your clock a little.

    Although you don't get right up to the dangerously high 73C mark, I would not want to be riding just below it. Knock it down to 3.0 until you have better cooling!

    It'd be a shame to burn out your chip before reaching 3.9!
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