Ram overclocks with CPU?

ok so i have 3gb of DDR2 6400 800mhz. which in CPU-Z shows up at 400mhz (i believe is normal) but for some reason when i look in the Bios its running at 667mhz instead of 800mhz. in the cpu Z it says Jedec #3 400mhz on both sticks and i know its 800mhz Ram so why is it running at 333mhz (667mhz)?

ok now. i have easy overclock switches on my motherboard. increase the FSB. i tried overclocking 20% with the switches and now the Ram is running at 800mhz. is it normal for the Ram to overclock with the CPU if i use these switches?

in Cpu z it says the NB frequency is now 2400mhz instead of the usual 2000.

if possible i would like to get the Ram running at the normal speed without having to overclock.
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  1. When you increase the bclk, everything goes up, so its normal
  2. yes of course dude the ram overclocks with cpu. the thing is that when you increase ur fsb while overclocking the ram is taken to its highest possible potential. everything in a computer is connected with fsb or we can say dmi or newer one is qpi. so the path spedd increases and the ram has to get overclocked along with processor.
  3. Thats why you must start overclocking the CPU by setting the RAM multiplier ratio to the lowest setting. Then OC the CPU gradually in steps. Watch the RAM speed increase along with the CPU. Do not exceed the rated RAM speed (not much advantage in doing so)
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