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My Googling skills are failing me today. Basically, I've built a new computer with a significantly larger hard drive than my old one, so I can very easily have an image of the old computer and it won't take up much space. But I don't just want to back up the files, I want a bootable partition of my old computer if necessary. What's the best way to go about doing this?

And would booting the old OS from a new computer cause difficulties? (i.e. the old computer was a laptop. I'm now using a desktop. I'm worried it might freak out at the hardware difference)
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    You would have different drivers for the video card, the motherboard/chipset. Possibly hard drive issues (xp? win 7? sata? IDE?). As well as other hardware. I'd put it down under the heading "bad idea"

    Why do you want to even do it?
  2. Hmm, perhaps it would be a bad idea. I'll just scratch the plan, a simple backup of the old drive should cause a lot less headaches :-)
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