Gigabyte 965P-DS3 Slow to move from POST to Win Install


Sorry if this has been answered before but a search didnt show up anything for me.

I have a Gigabyte 965P-DS3 board which has recently started to take a long time to move from thePOST screen to startup of WindowsXP Pro.

I have not knowingly made any changes to the set up to cause this.

From another forum it was suggested this may be an early indication of an HDD failure so i swapped this out for a new board (any excuse to buy hardware :D ) and rebuilt my software.

This has made no difference to the time taken to start the windows install.

I have now played with the order of disks et for start up but no joy

Any one got any ideas what may be causing this??

Thanks in advance
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  1. So you replaced one 965P with another?

    The system could be waiting for something to time out. Some USB devices will do this... the system thinks they might be an external hard drive and waits for them to warm up and present themselves, so to speak.

    Beyond that, you should provide more info. See this little thing I wrote:
    I'm still working on it, but organizing your thoughts is always the first step ;)
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