HD4870 won't display after driver uninstall / CMOS wipe!

-Saphire Hd4870
-crossair 750w
-4x 2gig gskill ddr2 900
-Asus PQ5 pro mobo
-xigmatek 3rd party cooler
-CoolerMaster HAF case

Computer will not turn on through case switch. When using the paper clip trick to manualy turn on the computer the GPU does not display and has 3 solid red lights next to each other.

Okay so i was using the autotune feature in the CCC to OC my gfx card and mess around. Basically it OC'd my GPU to 840mhz then went to the memory and didn't stop. Around 1100mhz it started to Artifact and shortly crashed. When it rebooted i returned my memory OC back to a default of 900mhz. It seemed i was getting some fishy behavior in crysis so i posted about it. I was told to uninstall my ATi catalyst drivers, reset the CMOS, and try reinstalling my gfx card.

Today(aprox 24 hours after fishy behavior while runnign crysis was noticed), i uninstalled my ATi catalyst control driver through control pannel. I then turned off my computer and switched the CMOS jumper to reset position. I then unhooked my gfx card and took it out of the mobo slot. I then returned the CMOS jumper back to normal position, hooked my gfx card in, made sure everything was how it should be, but back on the side pannel.

I then plugged my power supply back in and turned it on which seemed to send power to everything as the fans spun for a split sec. I then hit the power switch on my PC and nothing happened. Tried a few more times nothing. I then proceeded to use the paper clip trick (with a screw driver) to turn on the mobo to see if the case was the problem. everything got power but the Gfx card had 3 solid red leds lit up on it and was not displaying at all.

I've made sure the gfx card is installed right, tried reinstalling it several times, tried two different power outlets. Nothing helps. I still can not turn on my system using the case's power switch.

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  1. I am now leaving the battery out of the CMOS for 30 minutes. Don't have any plans farther then that.
  2. update: Computer still wont start

    Edit: could some how uninstalling my drivers and then proceeding to clear my CMOS while the gfx card was still plugged in be causing this? My friends coming over tommaro and we are going to try booting with his gfx card so i guess ill know then.

    Just find it odd it wont even power.

    Also there is a SLIGHT possibility that my AC cord for the monitor and power supply got mixed up but its probably like 1%
  3. update: its not the graphix card since it boots up fine in my friends system. Sounds like its the mo-bo or powersupply. Suggestions?
  4. Remove the faulty PEBKAC interface.

    Tweaking isn't for everyone. :pfff:
  5. Haha relax bro. This is my first system build(two weeks ago) still have alot to learn. I'm 19 sorry i'm not some 35 year old dude sitting in his grandmas basement.

    May not be an elitist jerk but at least people like me ;P

    Anyways, can i please have a response from someone that would like to help a NEW computer enthusiast learn?
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