Overclocking the phenom ii 710

well here is my specs and what i did to overclock with a enabled 4th core my 710..

biostar ta790gx 128m motherboard
ultra ls600 600watt psu
2gb ddr2 800 corsair
a big coolermaster heatsink
hd 4870 sapphire 512mb

what i did at first was, lower my rams speed to 533 from 800...then i loosen the timings to 5-5-5-12, and gave it its rated voltage 2.1v, then i gave my cpu a .175 vcore push, and lowered my ht and nb to 1400 and 1.4..after that i lowered my cpu multi to 12 and searched for my highest ht(fsb) speed..i went up to 300..and there it was..300x12=3.6ghz...at almost 1.5v...was stable for like one week and i lowered it cus i didnt wana use it for 24/7..now i have it at 3.3ghz..at 1.4...sometimes i think that my hd 4870 is bad cus when i play gta4 it freezes and goes to the desktop but when i put the cursor over an i cone it turn blurry and pink..i dont know wats wrong..its not overheating..cus i got the fan at 65%..so if any help please advise..i had 9.3 and it was the same..now i have 9.2..and sometimes it happens..
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  1. did you properly stress test your CPU OC?
  2. oh yes i did..prime95 for 48 hours..non stop..no errors..
  3. oh yes i did..prime95 for 48 hours..non stop..no errors..
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