E5200 at 86 degrees celsius? :/

I'm currently using a E5200 clocked to 3.7Ghz and after running Orthos for a while my temperature rises to around 84 to 86 degrees celsius... This is both core 1 and 2. At idle the temps fluctuate between 40 and 48 on core 1 and just stay at 37 for core 2... With exactly the same setup and just with my CPU swapped with my E5300 processor the temperatures range from somewhere like 32 degrees celsius idle to 65 degrees celsius load so I don't think it's a cooling problem. I have also tried reseating my E5200 and still the same results...

Screenshot from multiple temperature programs:

Is there a chance that the sensors on the CPU are wrong? But then again it wouldn't mean both are wrong then would it. And I thought it would auto shutdown if it went over 74 degrees? I remember once I didn't seat the cooler properly and temperatures got really hot, like 90 degrees or something and then the computer restarted. I thought it was just due to instability so I restarted Orthos and the same situation happened before I checked the cooler and realised the contact wasn't very good so I reseated it and reapplied some MX-2 etc. Is there maybe a chance that my CPU is "screwed" up due to that "incident"?

Also, what are the dangers of my CPU being run at these sorts of temperature? Is it likely to burn up or something? Although it's very unlikely for my CPU to be running at this much load as the games I play aren't the newest.

Here are some specs:
CPU: E5200 OC'ed to 3.7Ghz
MB: MSI P35 Neo-F
RAM: 2GB XMS2 Corsair CL5 set to 1:1 ratio so it's running at 592Mhz
Cooler: Akasa 965

Hopefully someone can help... Thanks in advance!
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  1. reposition the heatsink + reapply thermal paste. either add more or less depending on how much you have on right now.

    and CPUs these days do not burn out - they have auto thermal shut down mechanisms. also, vcore effects how long the CPU lasts, not heat.
  2. Repositioned and repplied... No real difference, almost exactly the same temperatures :/
  3. I think dual cores will throttle at about 105 degrees, but you can lower the maximum temperature allowed in the BIOS. I would say that your temps aren't much to worry about although they are a little high.

    What cooler are you using?

    A quick Google search tells me that other people have temperature problems using the same board. Something to do with the onboard graphics chipset....could be linked to your problems.....
  4. Hey, I overclocked my E6550 from 2.33 to 3.45 and Yeah I can see this hitting sometimes 60-80C during full load. I have a Zalman 9700 with thermal paste that is a pretty good combo for air.

    I do not know what heatsink you are using, but people say anything above 70C is bad, but I do not notice any major problems with my CPU heat. I have been running like this for a good month now.
  5. Difference between E6550 is that it's 65nm though so technically it should have higher heat output than a E5200 as it's 45nm. I'm using the Akasa 965. I just find it weird how when I throw in my E5300 the temperatures are only between 32-65 degrees celsius but once I switch it for my E5200 and NOTHING else, the temperature on it is 40-86... If it was a problem with the cooler or the board then surely when my E5300 was running it would have similar temperatures no? Or maybe my E5300 perceives temperatures much lower than they are supposed to be or vice versa with E5200? :/

    It's a shame my E5200 overclocks better than my E5300 :/ Otherwise I would have kept my E5300 for sure due to the way lower temps...
  6. Maybe the heat speader is not quite as snug on the E5200 as on the E5300? I've seen people cut those off and adjust the cooler to sit straight on the die, but I wouldn't recommend it....
  7. oh snap it is 65nm? i didnt even think about that... that will definitely play a part especially with extreme overclocking.
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