GPU heatsinks on motherboard?

So this is something I've thought about before and a maybe a few others have had the same idea..

I recently found out I can get a huge variety pack of GPU heatsinks for like £15 (trade pricing through a friend) which include sizes from about 20mm x 20mm x 8mm all the way to 60mm x 60mm x 15mm. The pack contains around 50 heatsinks.

Now these are made for RAM, VRAM or low-end GPU chips.. but would work perfectly fine on motherboard chips also.

So my question is.. would an overclocked system benefit at all from having the motherboard covered in these heatsinks? The onboard graphics, audio etc get very very hot to the touch.. and I dunno.. I guess I'm a bit of an air-cooling freak and love to cool anything and everything. My system is currently 24/7 stable with my 720BE at 3.6GHz (stock 2.8), and temps are okay on the motherboard etc..

I guess I just like the idea of a super cooled motherboard ~ Epic motherboard cooling mod ;).

Is this just a waste of time for faffing around's sake? Or would it actually help a little?

Any ideas welcome!

Also.. I might buy the heatsinks anyway, so if I don't mod the pants of my motherboard.. what could I use them for instead?

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  1. throw them in front of your room to piss off your sister when she steps on them. throw it in your neighbors driveway to pop his tires.

    i thought that the only parts on the mobo that get really hot where the north and south bridges
  2. If you touch nearly any of the chips on a motherboard they are normally very hot. My Realtek HD chip is always very hot indeed! I do like the idea of putting them outside to hurt people though lol.
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