I just got a new computer that is suppose to be over clocked. How do I find out if it is. ran CPU-Z but that only tells me the idle speed of the cpu running etc. Thank You

Oh its a I -7 930 2.8ghz want to know if its overclocked.
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  1. What does cpu-z say for the speed and multiplier????
  2. Core speed says 1690.7 MHZ and Multiplier of X 12.0 Bus speed 140.9 MHZ
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    This doesn't look like overclocking to me. There is room to increase the multiplier to 21 and obtain a higher OC. But, when you attempt this, set the RAM multiplier to the LOWEST ratio (maybe 8x) and then start increasing the bus speed until you obtain the OC you are shooting for. the i7 930 can easily be overclocked on air to 3.8GHz.
  4. Thank you for the reply I might OC it myself later. I run all games right now on high. And it is already using Asetek 510LC Liquid Cooling System. Even during heavy gaming of Just Cause 2 on the highest Res it stays around 34 C.

    Just waiting to get some more cash so I can cross fire my 5770 or even just get a better single card. Then I will OC I guess.
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  6. 34 degs C during heavy gaming of Just Cause 2 is not hot at all. My i7-920 (OCed at 3.82 GHz) runs at 42 degs C during Call of Duty. Otherwise, like right now, at 29 degs C. Cooled by a CM V8 cooler with the base polished (some refer to it as lapping) flat.

    I have heard that one single top quality video card is a better value for money than 2/3 cards in SLI/Crossfire. Consider this in your decision.
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