A little help with overheating.

I bought this PC like 5 months ago. I am not at ALL into hardware. I mean it. I got it assembled by the guy who I bought the stuff from and I am pretty sure he did not overclock anything.

Here's what i got ->
PSU -> Cooler Master, (as i see when i remove cpu cover) RP-600-PCAR.
I got a fan on back, one on side, one on motherboard.
Intel i7 920
Nvidia Geforece GTX 275 (it has its own fans)
I am sure all fans are connected properly.
6GB DDR RAM Corsair.

I just reset my BIOS and checked fans for dust.

When playing games which should hardly put load on the GPU in full graphics it starts to lag at times and I have to restart it before it settles down (lagging continues after game is closed).

When I start again I see the CPU over temperature error.

After it comes, for the next few computer start ups it pop sin randomly.

Since the last 24 hours it comes EVERY TIME I start and it says Overclocking error, press F! to open setup or F2 to continue.

Since I suck at hardware, I continue :).

What pains me more than the fact that this doesn't work is that I haven't been able to feel this machine upto its full potential so far. I hope some of you can help me fix that. :)
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  1. Download a program called RealTemp, it will let you know what temperatures your CPU and GPU are running at. Turn on the computer and let it sit for about 30 minutes (don't let it hibernate or standby, though), and check what the temperatures are.

    Next, download a program called Prime95, and run the "torture test" with Small FFTs. This will stress all four CPU cores and their Hyperthreaded cores at 100%. Leave Realtemp running.

    After 30 minutes, check the temperatures again and report back with your findings.
  2. Also, you may want to have a look in your Bios at the memory settings and voltage, after a Bios reset some have a habit of not getting the memory correct.

  3. I have started prime95, will report what it says after 30 mins, although so far (5 minutes) their is no change.
  4. I think this should help to figure it out further ->


    My Core Speed is REALLY REALLY REALLY HIGH! What to do?
  5. Make that REALLY REALLY LOW
  6. DUDE, you started Prime95 and it said it was at 100c and you decided to run it like that for 30 minutes. bye, bye processor. You do know that the thermal spec for the 920's is 67.9c (tcase) so roughly low 70's as the highest you really should run one, before you start degrading or destroying your processor.

    Your processor is trying to save it's own life, and you are trying to kill it.
  7. Don't even waste your money on the stock Intel heat sink, they are not good coolers to begin with.

    Buy a GOOD aftermarket cooler and save whatever life your processor still has in it.
  8. MRFS said:

    If you are using Intel's stock HSF,
    a $5 part should solve your problem:



    If he's using the stock heatsink, simply making sure it's properly seated should solve the problem.
  9. Is that idle? If so, the results are horrible. If that is load, then they are ok for the stock heatsink.
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