Cpu smart fan target help OC'ing temps

ok heres the problem im having. when i start a Cpu stability test or a very CPU intensive game. my pc sometimes crashes because the CPU gets to hot, its a Phenom II x4 955 @ 3.8ghz.

however other times i run the stability test it works fine. the reason is my cpu fan automatically increases to cool the tempurature down. but it sometimes cant speed up quick enough to cool it down, so the PC crashes.

the fan is normally at 3500rpm but under full stress goes up to around 6500rpm. now is it possible for me to use Cpu smart fan target in the Bios so that the fan automatically goes faster than 3500rpm?
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    Go into BIOS and disable Cool and Quiet, and Smart-Q fan that should fix your problem, also download Speedfan 4.40 and that will let you control the CPU fan on the fly. Note: to be able to control fan speed you must disable Smart Q fan in BIOS
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