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ok, my computer had went out due to a power supply issue, i replaced the power supply and it worked perfect, well, it burned the movie no problems, well, i was going to do another movie, i inserted a blank dvd disc and it didn't read the disc, i inserted a movie, worked, i inserted a data disc, it worked, i inserted a scratched, program disc, it worked, i inserted a NEW blank DVD disc and it won't read it. i know it's not the drives (i have two and both do the same) because i put them in another computer and they work, the blank disc get read when the drives are on another computer, this is where i'm stuck, i wan't to be able to burn, any help would be great, oh i forgot, i'm using tdk dvd's and i used a verbatim dual layer and the same thing, but like i said they worked on the other computer, basically, imgburn says "medium not present" when i insert a blank disc, thanks to anyone that can help.
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  1. Not all DVDRWs can read all brands of media, try another brand of disc, or visit the DVDRW's manufacturer's website to see if the mfr. has posted a firmware update for your make and model - those updates usually allow the drive to read/write more brands of media.
  2. ok, thanks for the reply first of, i just realized something else just right now, my other dvd drive is doing the same thing as the top one and i did do a firmware update, that's two drives that are doing the same thing, so now i'm lost, any more people, please, i need some help
  3. upgrade dvd drivers.
  4. I have similar problem...since your post was done for a quite a while, I'm intrested how did you solve it?

    Bye the way, I also have two drives on my ASUS A7V133C mobo and everything worked fine until I have upgraded firmaware on my PLEXTOR PX-712A DVD burner.

    The other drive reads blank DVD's. PLEXTOR don't.

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    Well, I have solved my problem by buying 2 new optical drives from ASUS. They are both heavy as one PLEXTOR I had, but working fine and quiet for now.

    I'm happy as a shark! :bounce:
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  7. This can be caused by unplugging a USB flash drive without safely "ejecting" it first. Apparently if you don't follow proper procedures before removing a USB flash drive it can cause conflicts with DVD burner functionality. Try inserting a flash drive and then "eject" it when it says it is safe to do so and the issue may correct itself. Hope this helps.
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