Wierd popup: instruction at 0x23098423 refernced 0x00000000

suddenly on two of my computers i am getting these weird notifications saying '"instructions at 0x09832742(whatever memory address) referenced memory at 0x0000000. Memory could not be "written."'

The instruction at -- referenced memory at --. The memory could not be "written."

Another wierd one keeps coming up saying "out of memory at line --"
ie line 07, line 45....

Anyone have any idea what I should do?
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  1. On two computers?

    1.Get a good virus scanner. Run it.
    2.Delete all the junk programs you have installed.
    3. If one and two fail, reformat and re-install the OS.
  2. k i already have done both of those two things though. this is kind of weird.
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