Are my graphics cards running hot(new to pc gaming)

I have an Nvidia Geforce Go 7600 on my laptop and it runs at 65c when idle and 85-88c on full load on a windows xp media center 2005 32-bit system(used computer)(call of duty 2 full settings on 1440x900) , and my ati radeon sapphire 4870 512mb It was an upgrade from the nvidia 7100/630i chipset that came with the gateway desktop bought, it runs at 42c when idle and 56c when on full load(crysis warhead, enthusiast setting, 1280x1024, 4x anti-aliasing). Are the video cards running hot?(new to pc gaming)
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  1. The 4870 is perfectly fine. The laptop however, is quite warm. 88C is...within reason, but it's near the very upper end of reason. I don't know if you can do anything about it though, being a laptop.
  2. Laptop temp is quite high, but as efeat said, it's a laptop. so you can't do much about it.

    The HD 4870 is fine, though.
  3. Laptops run hot. Mine runs between 70 and 90 C full load (both CPU and GPU), but there isn't anything you can do about it really. It should be OK.
  4. You can certainly buy a cooling solution for your laptop.

    Thermaltake have many Cooling solutions for laptops :
  5. Thank you!!! Did not get a cooler from the website but the video card is running at 70c on full load which is much better than it used to be. (Got one from best buy, kind of expensive but it was big enough for the 17in laptop.
  6. Kind of an un-related question but, when you added the 4870 to your gateway did you also upgrade the powersupply? OEM PC's don't usually have 500+ watt powersupplies.
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