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Proc: Core 2 Duo E8500 3.0Mhz
Mem: Corsair XMS2 DDR800 PC2 6400 4Gigs

I've been trying to figure out some of the troubles i've been having while trying to overclock my system. I did some quick research and with my board it was easy enough to get the OC going.

First i tried to take it to 3.6 and it was easily going. Everything in windows and boot were cake. After being stable for a while i took it to 3.8 and it was just as stable.

In my bios i didn't link them together and just unlinked the FSB and Memory Settings. I manually changed it from 1333 to 1600 and that put it at 3.8. I had it that way for about 2 months and it was gravy.

I wanted to take it to another level with increasing my memory now. Mhz was set as 800 in Bios and so i tried to change it by 10 Mhz and see if it would boot. It wouldn't. I wasn't able to get into windows at all. It would just freeze on windows logo on boot.

I left the memory settings and alone and wanted to see if i could reach a higher processor speed so i increased my FSB to slowly til i got to 1700 and eveything fine in windows. I noticed that being at 1700 it automatically changed my memory Mhz from 800 to 797 and that was the only it would boot into windows. I can't change the memory Mhz it'll only boot into windows if it lowers the speed.

Why does it lower the memory Mhz?

Being at 4.0 i was stable in windows for a long time no problems. Then randomly one day my computer froze in windows. I restarted it and got back into windows fine. Sometime later it froze again. I began to do research and it was leading to my memory being bad. I ran memtest and everything passed. I decided to take her back down in OC and see if it fixed any problems. When i put her back to 3.8 and loaded into windows it froze immediately every time. I tried a couple times to make sure it wasn't anything else. Once i returned it back to 4.0 it loaded into windows.

I took one stick out and ran it at 3 gigs since i was on windows 7 32 bit and only got to use 3 gigs. Same out come randomly it would freeze once a day. Sometimes it wouldn't freeze for a whole week. If i left the computer idle i'd come back and it would still be running stable. After about using it for 20 minutes it would randomly freeze.

I also tried changing VCore to make sure that it was getting enough power. Atm its at 1.40 but CPU-Z has it at 1.34 and i set my DRAM 2.1 which is Corsair's site says thats recommended.

Anyone have any ideas as what i can do to solve this freezing problem?
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  1. You only mention trying to raise the vcore a bit, but there's other factors involved in overclocking. Mild overclocks are easy but the higher you go the more you need to tweak. I'm not really sure what the voltages are for that chipset but I think it has something like NorthBridge voltage which you'll have to increase with a higher FSB.

    About the memory, I'm pretty sure there's specific ratios it can choose from so it's picking whatever gets it closes to 800mhz. If you want to raise the speed higher, you also have to raise the timings.

    Tho, it's wierd that you had it running fine for a while and only now it's starting to freeze. That does sound like a more recent hardware failure. Memtest passed so that's pretty much ruled out. Could be motherboard. You don't mention if you're using a graphics card but that can cause freezing as well.

    Have you recently updated any drivers? Or do any need updating? Have you tried to rollback to a previous setting?
  2. Besides the DRAM i haven't raised anything else seeing as everything usually led to saying everything other settings can be left on auto. I'm also not able to choose the ratios unless i have them linked. I changed the memory timings to 4-4-4-12 to see if i could get it to run faster. Normally the timing settings are set to auto on any other occasion. 5-5-5-18 i believe is normally what it would run at.

    Do you think running maybe 6-6-6-24? Is that correct?

    Also my graphics card is a GeForce 9800 GTX+. I have always updated my drivers. Also upgrading from 32bit to 64bit windows 7 as i heard it was optimized better for C2D processors. Still froze.
  3. you probably need more juice running to the northbridge..
  4. VCore? Or all round?
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