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Built a new pc. 1G Athlon. 512/pc133 mem. 98SE. 20G/ata100 HD. Toshiba DVD/CD. Plextor CD writer. ATI All In Wonder Pro 128. Decided to add another stick of 256/pc133 since it’s so cheap, and I plan on doing some video editing. Installed fine, turned it on. System lists 768, so it’s seeing the new stick. But, machine runs like a turd. Media player putts along, and when I play a certain WMV file, it shuts down, requiring re-boot. Real Player won’t work either. Also, my Plextor starts eating CDr’s like crazy. So, remove the new stick of memory, and, boom, everything is back to normal, including my CD hungry Plextor. So, happen to get the latest PC World today. Amazing coincidence, they have an article on upgrading memory! They, in a trouble shooting sidebar, run my exact scenario. They conclude by saying 98SE is only designed for a max of 512 memory. They give a link to an article by Microsoft that gives a workaround to the problem. Run msconfig and go to advanced troubleshooting. I tried some of the suggestions, such as disabling ROM breakpoint, and raising max memory to 768. Seemed to work better after a re-start. The WMV file that killed it before worked fine, but it didn’t seem to work any faster. Plus, my Plextor had another CDr for lunch! So, the question, anyone successfully Run more than 512 memory in 98SE? How’d ya do it? Thanks in advance! Scott
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  1. >So, the question, anyone successfully Run more than 512 memory in 98SE?

    Yeah, ummm, basic Trolling answer. Upgrade 98SE to 2000...... But really, Windows 2k and Windows XP will actually work with more than 512MB of RAM and run very, very well. Windows 9x/ME generally will not.

    Otherwise, I don't know what to tell you. I have never heard anything on Win9x being able to use more than 256MB, so I think you may be lucky getting 512MB to run. You can look around online for stuff (do some Googling) but I doubt you're going to find much.

    But I still think upgrading to 2000 or XP would be your best bet. Especially if you're going to be doing much video editing like you're talking about. You will really appreciate the much improved stability over 98SE. WinXP even includes a generic video editing program to boot.

    Anyway, that's what I think. :smile:

    Ben Porter.
  2. This is probably the MS support services article you read:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    But here is another link that might be helpful:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    I've had good results with a vcache setting of 131072, but I had to limit the amount of memory in the MSCONFIG advanced settings to 512MB, and set the virtual memory to a custom setting of 50MB, min and max. Also, this line needs to be added to the system.ini file in the [386Enh] section:


    As you can see, this basically negates the additional 256MB of RAM, unfortunately. Because of this, IMHO, I think the absolutely best workaround in this situation is an upgrade to Win2K or WinXP.


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  3. A lady here at work ordered herself the latest greatest Compaq 2GHz, and decided she didn't like Win2k very much. She wanted me to put on WinME. I knew it was a terrible idea but you don't argue with queen bitch director of marketing. This thing had 1.5GB of RDRAM.
    ME installed fine, but upon first boot it would get crazy errors, or "file missing" errors, out of memory errors.. it just couldn't address that much ram. So I gave her the option of removing 2/3's of her new ram or going back to 2K. She finally made the right choice. Damn woman had to waste an entire day of my time to understand what I had told her to start with though.
  4. 512 MB, any more than this and the performance would start dropping, but dont think win would go crazy.

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  5. So. If I run a dual boot system (W98SE & W2K), and I want to run say 1GB memory for W2K, but I only want 512MB for W98, will W98 simply ignore above 512MB, or will it have problems?

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  6. cant do that, win98 strictly needs 512 MB or less memory. maybe some software setting in the registry can force windows use just 512 MB, or allow it to use more.

    win98 will get all that 1 GB of memory and crawl, maybe throw errors like "not enough memory" etc.

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  7. Yep. Thought so. Not enough memory addresses allocated in Win98. Ah well.

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