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Yesterday I reformated my computer to get rid of a nasty virus I had. My soundcard, which has always worked, now isn't recognized by Windows so I'm getting no sound. I know it's not a compatibility issue since this sound card has worked for this computer for many years. Any thoughts?
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  1. did you reinstall the drivers?
  2. I have no idea what drivers to reinstall because my computer is not even showing that I have a sound card at all.
  3. install the drivers that came with the sound card. if you know the model of the sound card just go to the website and download the drivers for it.
  4. If you do not have drivers installed for your sound card it will show as an unidentified device in the control pannel.

    Is it an on board sound card or an aftermarket one?
    If it is an aftermarket one, take it out and google what is shown on the PCB/largest chips.
    If it is on board sound, look at your motherboard to get a manufacturer and model then download the appropriate drivers from their support page.
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