My speedfan temps seem higher than they actually are

[06:07:54] <@tehoreoz> im on a phen 940
[06:07:56] <@tehoreoz>
[06:08:21] <@tehoreoz> regardless of oc
[06:08:26] <@tehoreoz> even on stock they are way higher than they should be
[06:08:35] <@tehoreoz> but ive had this computer for like a year so if those were the real temps
[06:08:41] <@tehoreoz> the comp would have died by now
[06:08:43] <@tehoreoz> what gives

ATM I'm on phenom 940 stock voltage @ 3.3ghz, gigabyte m790x mobo.

The stock temps weren't even any different.. how is my computer not dead if these are the actual temperatures.. this is on idle and I play starcraft2/tf2/other cpu intense games a lot.

I believe the cpu has a 62c threshhold but I don't even know which one IS my cpu.


Is my mobo just giving me bs temps? my computer feels nice and cool, yet apparently it is on fire. Given that on stock settings it went fine for a year should I be ok with an oc to 3.3 stock volt with the stock fan?

I live in cali, but it is quite nice out today, 70f, so that isn't affecting the results
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  1. I have had this happen only one time from speedfan, I found that doing a fresh install of speedfan fixed my problem...hell I had it read 120 celcius, I was like whoa, I uninstalled it and installed version 4.40. no problems after that. One question though. Are you by chance using anything like AMD Fusion or AMD Overdrive? If so do not use these programs they will botch everything up
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