Questions bout Teh ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

i was thinking on using the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 as it poses nice overclocking, but i was reading somewhere and heard it cant support hard drives that run at 15000 rpm, is it true?

Also, if you have any other suggetions on another MB on which i shoudl use, hit me up, im not an extream overclocker but i plan on using it
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  1. It is true. Then again, there isn't an x58 board on the market that does support 15krpm hard drives, so it isn't exactly a point against it.

    The reason they probably mentioned it is because all server hard drives (such as 15krpm models) use a different interface than desktop drives. The most common interface for these high performance drives is what is called serial attached scsi, or SAS. The P6T deluxe V1 had a 2 drive SAS controller on board, so it could take these drives. The newer one though does not have this anymore, so you would need an add in card to be compatible with these drives. No other board can accept SAS drives either though, so I would say that it is somewhat irrelevant.

    As for which board I would recommend? I would probably say either the P6T deluxe or the EVGA 3xSLI.
  2. P6T deluxe V2 or the normal one? i heard the normal deluxe lacks some ports, dunno if its true, do you know what they are?

    Just wanted to ask, the PCIe slots come in pairs, (16x, 16x, 1x) for the P6T deluxe V2 as an example, does that mean i pretty much can only use 2 SLI cards?

    Im a newb :P thx
  3. The V2 is actually the one that lacks ports. From what I can tell, the only difference between the two is that the v1 has the two channel SAS controller, and the V2 does not. Other than that, they seem identical. Considering that no desktop drive uses SAS anyways, I would say that you might as well get the V2 - it's likely to be cheaper, and for your purpose, they should perform identically.

    Oh, and yes, due to the spacing of the slots, the P6T deluxe only supports two card CF/SLI. If you want 3 way, you should go with the regular P6T or the EVGA board.
  4. ok, was looking at newegg, and was just wondering

    These two boards are like, exactly the same, or so i think...what makes them distinct? because im really failing to see the difference, also the top one is cheaper and can support i7 extream, while the one on the bottom, deluxe V2 cant
  5. The deluxe can support an i7 extreme, trust me (I'm running an i7 965 extreme on a P6T deluxe V1). As for the difference? Well, the deluxe has 16 phase power for the CPU, which should give better voltage stability on high overclocks. The spacing of the PCI-E slots is also different, although I actually prefer the spacing on the cheaper board. Finally, it appears that the Deluxe supports SLI, while the P6T SE does not.
  6. i see, im fairly new to this all, (been only studying about it for a week) so it may be hard for me to see the differences, thanks :P
  7. so would i just be better off getting the V1 if i can stick in a 15000 rpm HD? im gonna use the computer for gaming, fujitsu any good? as they make the only 15000 rpm HD's
  8. First, the 15krpm drives aren't worth it. They are made for completely different applications (servers and the like). If you want a fast hard drive, get a velociraptor 10krpm. It's actually faster than most 15krpm drives in normal desktop tasks.

    As for fujitsu? They definitely don't make the only 15,000 rpm drives. Actually, the best current 15krpm drives on the market are the Seagate Cheetah series (, but honestly, I'd stick with the Velociraptor if you want a fast hard drive (or get an SSD, but that's still incredibly expensive compared to even the velociraptor).
  9. whats an SSD? :P also i was reading on the ASUS forums and noticed that the P6T deluxe V2 had problems with fan control because of the 4 pin connectors dont allow u to change fan speed on 3 pin connecters, anyway to bypass this? and do y ou really recommend this board for a newbie x.x, i dont wanna get stuck on something i dont understand lol
  10. SSD is a solid state drive - they are the fastest available storage today, but quite expensive (especially the good ones). Here is one of the best on the market:

    (this one's even better, but you pay a lot for the extra speed and reliability: )

    As for the fan control problem, the V1 has the same issue, but it isn't major. It just means that the CPU fan will be running full speed all the time if it uses a 3 pin connector (which is fine with me). As for recommending this board to a newbie? Anytime - it's a fairly easy one to set up, as they go, and I can't remember anything odd about mine that caused any problems at all. I'd say go for it :)
  11. oh yes i know what an SSD is, ive read about it a couple of times, if only i got some hands on tutoring i'd be able to remember it, i read that an SSD drive uses memory cells, which i have no idea what that the CPU fan will always be at 100%? not even if i change BIOS? do atleast the case fans can be changed? 100% is fine with me because ill be doing some gaming, but if im ever up at night i dont want my computer to sound like a lawn mower..
  12. Just get a quiet CPU cooler then. Mine is perfectly quiet even at full speed. Alternatively, if the cooler has a 4 pin connection (the stock one has a 4 pin, for example), the thermally controlled fan speed will work fine.

    Oh, and yes, case fans should be able to be changed, though I've never actually tried it on my board (I have a separate fan controller).
  13. HI,

    I see you are running the Core i7 940, was there a reason you went with that setup? I am looking into building a system just about like what you have.

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