Help Me Pick out a New video card

This is my setup Vista 32bit, 850 watt power supply, 4 gig of corsair ram, E6600 Overclock to 3.3, Gateway 24inch 1900x1200, and 8800GTX. I noticed the new games out don't have great frame rates as it use too.

I was thinking of upgrading to a Nvidia 285 GTX? Bad idea or wait untill next year for direct x 11?
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  1. Grabbing an HD 4870 or GTX 260 would probably be a better idea. Spend some now and save the rest for a new card in a year (When DX11 is out).

    Or just wait.
  2. Yeah I just looked at the 260 and the 285 and it is a difference of 60.00 and I get a free game with the 285. I decided to pull the trigger on the 285 BFG GTX from new egg. The 285 is a huge improvement over the 260 but both are good cards.
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