Crashes while gaming- no blue screen

Alright so recently in the last month or so I started playing games again on my computer. They are older games but the computer is about 5-6 years old now but still handles them well.

Anyway the first two times it happened I had left the game running and went off for a bit and came back to blank monitors, no command functions, and a running tower.

The last two times though I was playing and out of no where the whole system crashes. The sound goes into a playback and the monitors go into standby mode. No blue screen and no errors at all.
Because of the sound I'm not sure if its a video card problem or not.

System specs:
500w power supply (can't remember brand)
AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ 2ghz
1gb OCZ pc3200 DDR ram
Asus A8R-MVP mobo
ATI Radeon X800 512mb GPU
Windows XP SP3
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    When's the last time you blew the dust/dirt out of the CPU heatsink?

  2. Its probably been 6 months or longer. I have been meaning to give the computer a good cleaning.
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  4. Well played a game recently and it didn't fix it. This time however the computer restarted. I wasn't on it when it did so unsure if their was an error displayed.

    Will try to duplicate the problem but any insight until then is appreciated.
  5. First, update the video driver. If that still doesn't solve it, open the case and reseat the video card. Failing that, see if any of your friends have a spare video card you can drop into the machine. The card is either not seated properly, or dying.
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