Dell is coming in an hour to replace my HDD. What should I do?

Dell is coming to my house today to replace my hard drive on my computer. THey will be taking away my old hard drive. What should I do to my current HDD to avoid any EVIL dell employees from "delving" into my hdd and taking files, passwords, etc?

Would just a simple reformat be adequate?
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  1. Nope, and it's too late!

    To securely erase a hard drive, use a utility called DBaN.

    But this process can take HOURS to wipe a hard drive. It took over 18 hours to wipe a 120GB hard drive on an old ATA100 system I had, but only took overnight to wipe a 500GB hard drive on a machine with SATA II.

  2. should i be worried about dell or anyone else restoring the hard drive to find info?

    I don't have much to steal except a steam account and saved passwords on websites using firefox/chrome. i've deleted all the folders of those programs for program files.
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    I don't think anyone at Dell would want to risk their job.

    Afterall, if anything happens, and you can trace it back to the old drive they (Dell) took, you could own them.
  4. yay
    do you know if there is a possibility for whoever that gets my drive after dell reformats and refurbishes it to restore it back to a previous state? Or is that possibilty gone after dell reinstalls whatever OS they choose to.
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  6. Open the door first of all...

    Joking apart, just deleting your files does not make them invisible! They can be restored very easily. If you do not have any "secret" information in there or vital data, then what are you worried about?

    I can also confirm that if there is a chance for someone to have a look at your old data in your hard drive they will. I have seen it, lived it and read about it pretty much everywhere.

    If on the other hand you do not want them to find anything, the simplest solution is to do this:

    There are many programs, others free, others you need to pay for, that will securely erase your hard drive. But that takes time since the programs need to access the whole hard drive, probably more than once.

    I know this information is a bit late, but keep it in mind for the future.
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