Windows 7 Hard drive Vanished?

Hi all

I am very confused. I have just had to format and re-install Win 7 due to a massive system upgrade. I have 2 Hard Drives installed in my PC and 1 of them has now vanished. I have checked the BIOS and it appears there and it is also in the System setting, heck I can even defrag the dam thing except it does not appear in My Computer at all, in fact it appears everywhere else except My Computer so therefore I can't access it.

Has anyone any suggestions?

Many Thanks
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  1. Check to see if the drives shows up in "Disk Management"

    start/computer/right-click/choose manage/choose "disk management" in left pane.

    Should show are drives in the machine. Right click on the drive in question, ans see what options it shows.

    You MAY have to reformat this drive too, but I think not if it was used before.
    If it is a new drive, Windows won't see it until it's formatted.
  2. Fantastic! thanks foscooter you are a star!

    I followed your advice and it asked me to allocate a drive letter to the drive so I picked E. I can only think that as Win 7 allocated D to the DVD Drive (the invisible drive was previously D) it would not recognise 2 x D drives so it just ignored my other hard driv..........does that make sense? Anyway all fixed now

  3. GR8! Glad to help.

    You can even change the drive letters, if Windows doesn't upon next boot up.
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