GTX295 or GTX260 core 216


I'm lately thinking about upgrading my graphic card and hard drives.
I have no idea what to buy. I have about 690 euro savings now and i'm not sure what to buy.

I have folowing specs:
CPU: Intel Quad Core Q9400 (3.52ghz - 440mhz x 8)
MB: Gigabyte EP35-DS4 (440mhz x 4)
RAM: 2x 2gb Mushkin Enached (2x 440mhz)
HDD: 1x Seagate 320gb
PSU: 550w LG power

I know GTX295 gives huge performance incresse, but is it wouth it ?

Price of GTX295 : 523 euro ( in my country )
Price of GTX260 core 216: 282 euro (in my country )

I would go GTX295 if my psu is 100% it could handle it.
If it cant, i would rather wait untill price drops on some point and buy new PSU 750w LG power (100euro).

I also need two new hard drives 640gigabyte thinking of RAID 0 config for 140 euros.
I'm web designer and developer and i have loads of projects witch i dnt know where to store. So i realy need some raid just in case !

I'm looking forward for your replys.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I have to agree. If you are willing to spend more on the graphics, go with the 295, but if not, than the 4870 is a better deal than the 260 for almost the same price
  2. i kind of dont like ati :P
    Had ati before and it was laud graphic with very poor ocing possibilitys.
    While i got 8800GT on 720mhz gpu
  3. what ati card put you off, and i would not put any faith in nvidia's tech just now and there support for dual cards has been lacking, if you have to go with nvidia get a single GPU not a dual
  4. Remember that the GTX295 is basically two GTX260 cores in a single GPU.

    It actually performs slightly better than two GTX260 in SLi.

    I suggest you get a better PSU and then wait till the GTX295 price drops.
  5. Hello.

    Thanks for responses, I guess i'll wait till price drops or new DX11 cards will be released.
  6. my Evga gtx 295+ benches first followed by evga gtx 260 216 ssc

  7. ive been fortunate to have the 8800gt ,4870 512, gtx 260 216, 4870x2, gtx 285, and gtx 295. even though its the most expensive card out right now its certainly is that way for a reason. Incrediable improvement over the 260 216. THe 4870x2 just drove me crazy with all its driver shananagins. if u can afford the 295 id pick it up. im actually keepign that card for a while. as for dx 11, it wont be applicable for at LEAST 12 months. It may be out but lilke anything it will take a while to see it in action on a consistent basis.
  8. Agreed. I read tons and tons of benchmarks before even considering a purchase, and after digging through everything, if you have the money, the GTX 295 would be the best way to go. As far as DX 11, waiting for that would be pointless. When it comes out, supporting cards will cost you an arm and a leg, have terrible drivers, and won't even be useful for anything. You can pretend it's not true, but think about DX10. There still aren't enough games that support DX10 to justify buying a DX11 for the SOLE REASON it's DX11.
  9. Where do you live? It varies from country to country, but this store I found in Germany in Aachen. Check this out

    cheapest GTX260 (216), Leadtek not greatest mark but OCed at 602 for 225 EUR
    GTX 295 (at stock but XFX) for 439 EUR
  10. well i live in slovenia.

    I could buy new EVGA GTX295 from USA for 425 euros with shipment and all that stuff.

    But what i'm afrad by buying from other country is:

    - if product doesnt work when i recive it , i have to send it long way and its hard to prove that it was damaged by shipment company
    - using guarrantie is hard i have send product far far away

    and more reasons.
    I'm pretty afraid to buy from other ccountrys.
    But idea is of course good.

    I still havent desided about going to GTX295 though.
    The cards good as GTX295 will cost next year less then 300 euros and i'm not some kind of geek to have best hardware always.

    I need some very good facts to buy it :P
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