Overclocking Overclocking Overclocking!!!

Hello all my friends,
Overclocking Overclocking Overclocking and Overclocking has became the common word with all of us and there are lot of entustiatic Computer users that are mad to overclock,to get the hell out of pity silicon chip... :bounce:
This thread is for all overclockers to mention their views about it along with there subsequent OC over the stock frequencies which they where able to get on there CPU's.
To sort it out what you have to mention so to save your time..
1.Overclocking huh! common word!How it feels to you and what do you think about its scope?
2.Which processor do u got and at % you overclock it over stock?
3.What's the heat dissipation method? Water cooling? Air Colling or LN2 cooling etc?
4.Does it really makes any difference in PC's performance not in Graphs of benchmarks but in real usage of the computer?
5.Do you think your chip is nice and heroic overclocker?
6.Last but not the least am i a goon wasting you time?

For a sample
See my answers:
1.Overclocking it scope, am i mad to talk about its scope its scope is the entire universe including all things in it.........
Not only in computers but in each and every natural thing..............
2.I got an Old Celeron D 331 @2.66 Ghz stock and i overclock it at 35% overstock that's 3.6 Ghz and i got one more chip that is the Pentium Dual Core E5400 @ 2.7 Ghz Stock which i am able to push at 3.4-3.6 Ghz stable.
3.I use the Cooler Master's huge my method;s fan-sink method :D .
4.Yes it makes I am unable to play NFS Undecover on Celeron D 331 at stock with integrated GMA 4500 but at 3.6 the game runs at 25-35 FPS......In Pentium Dual Core the same i am unable to play GTA 4 with stock but at OC i am able to get 25-30 FPS with integrated GMA 4500 (that at low setting at 800*600 :pfff: )
5.I think not so much nice but satisfying i seen Processors going at 4.0 Ghz or More .....
6.Yeh you are somewhat,in order to pass your time wasting others..... :lol:

So its you turn to answer...........
Thanks ...
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    Seems like a customer survey to me lol,

    I am a tinkerer by nature so everthing I own get modded to some degree, Why would my Pc be any different? :P I think its human nature at work with Clockers, we want to see what CAN be done.

    I have a triplecore X3 435 2.9GHz standard, unlocked and clocked to 3.5GHz on four cores.

    Stock heatsink and cooler, for now.......

    Yes, My Desktime is much more satisfying knowing Im pushing limits just sat here :P

    No, but I know I can go further once I learn more and get a decent heatsink.

    No, apart from reading the Op, people who fill this in do so by choice, thereby opting to spend time on this, once people see other posts on here, its comparison time and that (partially) drives people, ' he gets lower temps than me, I must beat him' :P
    Hoping to see this thread grow man,
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