Looking for Recommend "cheap" HSF for C2D E7300

OK, basically the HSF won't need to be anything special as my board is an Intel branded board so it has no BIOS overclocking, however it does work with setfsb software overclock utility.

Since it has no overclocking ability in tha BIOS, I can't adjust the VCore up at all so I can't imagine the HSF needs to be a superpowerful air cooler.

To start I bumped it up to 2.8GHZ fram the stock 2.66. I ran Prime 95 on it for ~1 hour. No errors, but the temps were really high. Idle was at 39C, Loaded it was staying at about 70C, peaking at 72C. Obviously If I want to push it higher I will need way better temps.

Before I started OCing I made sure to give the case, fans, and CPU HSF a good cleanign so they weren't dusty at all.

I don't think case airflow has anything to do with it as I have an old Antec 1080 giant beast case that isn't cluttered up inside at all, and 4 80mm fans (2 intake, 2 exhaust). Airflow should be really good.

I think the issue is the Stock HSF for a couple reasons.
1) I hear the stock HSF is generally pretty weak
2) More importantly I vaguely remember one of the 4 stock "feet" being weak. The tapered end that goes through the mobo was really thin and I had a hard time getting it to stay in. So there may be a HSF seating issue from a defect on the stock cooler itself.

Because of the age of the hardware I really don't want to dump a lot of cash on it, but if I could pickup a decent cooler for $20-$30 (preferably one that bolts through, or the mount in general is much better) and get it up to 3.0-3.1 GHZ it would help a lot in dealing with blu-ray video and let me get another year or two out of the system.

Can anyone reccomend a good cooler that would go well with my system? System specs are below. And thanks in advance for any advice :)

Case: Antec 1080 AMG
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 500D (500W)
Video: Sapphire 4670 HD - 512mb
RAM: 2x2Gb G.Skill DDR 2 5400
CPU: C2D E7300, 2.66 Wolfdale 1066FSB
Mobo: Intel DP35DP
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  1. Price/performance, sunbeam Core contact freezer is a pretty good deal, they are $20 at newegg when on sale. I have one, it works well, and it was easy to install, and has screws that hold the feet in, so no lameness ala the stock cooler.

    Check out frostytech.com for reviews and hard testing of coolers if you want a second opinion or some other ideas.
  2. Thanks!
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