Nas not being seen by xbox 360

hi i woud like to use my 360 as a media streamer for my nas but cant figure out how to get the 360 to see the nas? does it have to be done via usb cos ive read it has to be fat32 and i dont think the nas is formatted like that,
i have a buffalo terastation 2

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  1. AFAIK, the XBox can't detect NAS over even the same network. The onboard software just can't do it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help! :(
  2. In theory the XBOX 360 uses DLNA and can connect to any DLNA media server. I do a lot of work with the VortexBox opensource NAS project and we have been working to get our sharing to work with XBOX. It works, but not very well. It seems that Microsoft has changed the DLAN protocol a little.

    The best way to server file to XBOX is windows media player. Mount your NAS on a windows system and share it out using WMP. As usual Microsoft stuff works best with other Microsoft stuff.
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