My drive can read DVD\'s but does not recognize blank ones

i have a problem related on my samsung dvd writter. when i inserted a DVD it play but when i inserted a blank DVD the property of this drive show used 0. and free 0. it is not show DVD it show CD-ROM. what can i do? please help me!
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  1. Ummm... what were you expecting to see in a blank disk? If it's blank even XP doesn't know what to do so it takes a guess and says it's a CD in the drive.... because it is blank, not much to indicate the disk type, there is no file system on the disk to clue XP in on what's there.
    After you record (burn) something on the disk it will be recognized for what it is, until then it's like guessing what the contents of an empty glass will taste like if you drink it, no?

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