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Ok first an foremost i've been a hardcore console gamer for 10+ years. I finally have decided to jump over into th PC gaming world. I don't really know alot about hardware, so ive been researching and learning alot from sites like this. One of the questions I have is about gaming on an HDTV. Is t possible without having to spend thousands of dollars?

I plan on building a rig to play FPS games like Crysis,Farcry2,etc. So would it be cheaper to buy a monitor or build an outrageous machine and just use my 47" lcd? I really dont want to buy a monitor because i'd save money, but I heard it would cost well over $2000 to play on my 47" lcd.

p.s. if it makes a difference my tv is a Phillips 47"lcd 1080p, could I build a rig for around a $1000 to play on it?
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  1. that's definitely possible. 1080p=1920x1080, which isn't as high as a 24" monitor resolution (just barely). you could easily build a $1000 computer that will leave you satisfied.
  2. Thanks, it kind of killed my hopes earlier when I was told I would need to invest thousands to play Crysis on my 47". My budget about $1000-$1250. Now Im excited, time for me to go do some research and start figuring out what hardware I need.
  3. Well, if you want to play Crysis with all graphic options maxed out, then you would need to have a Crossfire or SLI setup. Crysis is not optimized very well.

    I played Crysis @ 1920 x 1200 using my X1900XT 512MB ("weak" by today's standards) with medium graphics and DX9 which was good enough for me. I'm currently playing Fallout 3 just fine with that card.

    $1,000 is very manageable.
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