Help building a dual Xeon workstation

I've got a shopping cart going but need some advice on important decisions

I added

2x Intel Xeon E5520 Nehalem 2.26GHz LGA 1366 Quad-Core Processors
1 ASUS Z8PE-D12(ASMB4-IKVM) Dual LGA 1366 Extended ATX Server Motherboard

and OCZ Gold 12GB (6 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 Memory

So, with this mobo,

Will it take pretty much any PCI express video card? And Sound Card?
What kind of power supply do I require?
Is it essential to shop for an Extended ATX Case?

The Processor comes with no heatsink, got any ideas what to shop for?

Really need some advice before placing my order.

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  1. Take a look at this post...
    Same Xeon build...will give you an idea...
  2. Take a look at this post...
    Same Xeon build...will give you an idea...
    EDIT : Double post... :| some problem with the page not pressed refresh, resulted in double post...
  3. what are you going to be building this system for? it will give us a better idea of what hardware to recommend for you
  4. I am following this thread because I have the same motherboard I am building up. My main concerns at this point are:

    1. finding a 4U rackmount chassis for this big board-- lightweight aluminum preferred.

    2. Finding a good PSU to support the dual CPUs, memory, and multiple CUDA GPUs

    3. Finding a liquid cooling system. I have never used liquid cooling to this point.

    Please share your findings with me!
  5. Have this company build your workstation computer and they have a dual xeon with water cooling:
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