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hello! i have a problem with my memory card from blackberry. when i insert it in the phone, the phone says that the card has errors and and need to fix on pc. when i try from pc to fix the errors or to format it says is write-protected. what can i do?
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  1. There should be a little tab on it that you can flick to remove the write protection, which in turn should allow you to format it.
  2. Buwish has it right except for one part. The adapter (that you use to hook it up to a computer) has the switch on it that you slide to turn on or off write protection, then you can go into disk management in windows to format so your blackberry will recognize it.

    This solution might work for you.

    Is your microsd has not formatted error or just not reading data? You may try some read only recovery tool to restore files.

    Notice: never use this microsd card again before file recovery since any new data can bring your data permernetly lost.
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