Nvidia 9500 GT Inconsistent frame rates

I recently bought a Nvidia 9500GT (1gb) and installed it on my friends system [ Amd X2 4600+ , Asus M2n - SE, 2gb ram]. I installed the appropriate Forceware drivers [v.178]. Then i installed the recently released "PRINCE OF PERSIA" and it ran very fine even in ULTRA High settings. I got solid Frame rates. Now I installed the same card in my system. [Amd X2 5000+, Asus M2n - SE, 2 gb ram] . When i installed the game, i was shocked to see that the performance is very low. when the game initiates , for 2min it will run very fine in VERY HIGH settings with Anti - Aliasing and V-Sync ON. Then suddenly the frame rate will drop drastically. and again after 2 min it will run fine... then again the frames drop. Its keeping on cycling. Even if i play in "very low" settings also, its the same. I even installed the latest drivers [V.181.20].

This is happening for every game.I installed all the recent games and the same thing is happening. Then i installed a 4 year old game "Age of Empires 3". Even this is not running properly.For a while it will run at nearly 60fps and next it will drop to 15fps, again it will increase to 60fps... What might be the problem? If anything is wrong with the card, it shouldn't have worked well on my friends system!!!!!!!

Both the systems are Win Xp Sp2. I tried even turning off the antivirus. There is no way to think that the card is not capable of playing the latest games bcoz it will play very well even in the highest settings for a short duration in regular intervals. So what might be the problem??????

I dont think its due to any overheating issues bcoz i checked the temparature with "speedfan" and it is around 45 - 60 C.
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  1. Idle temperature is 45-60 C or load temperature? Or the CPU is overheating, are you sure the thermal paste is applied correctly? Last possibility is the power supply, what PSU do you have. List both wattage and 12volt rails, please.
  2. The power supply is 400 watts and i think its sufficient bcoz It is mentioned as the required power supply for my configuration. I checked this with Asus site. But can a faulty power supply can cause inconsistent frame rates? i dont know about that.... And i also have no idea about the "12 volt rails". i have never heard that. Kindly explain about that.
  3. maybe you have an angry virus.
  4. No chance of a virus or any other malware.I already mentioned that i made a clean install of the OS and formatted all the Drives.
  5. Hi!

    Currently, i have the same problem with the 9500 GT XFX 1GB DDR2 and motherboard ASUS M2N-MX SE PLUS

    In this moment i am updating the motherboard bios, trying to fix it. If the updating resolve it, i will post a new message in a few minutes =).


  6. Hi buddies!.

    I have good news for you.

    The problem is not the video card. The problem is the processor and the motherboard.

    When you install the drivers of the chipset, a program called "Cool & Quiet" is installed automatically.

    This software controlls the temperature and voltage of your processor, and when it gets hot, the "Cool & Quiet" makes that the CPU gets a low profile in order to decrease the temperature.

    Uninstall this software and tell me if your problem is fixed. Also, Check if the "Cool & Quiet" option from the bios is disabled.


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