5770 brands for 3 way

I bet this has been asked before at one point or another, but I could only find old forum topics that aren't accurate anymore.
Anyways I just want to ask if you were to get a 5770 which one would you get???
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    I would go with this but with the same price of the 3 way u can go with a 5870.
  2. I was told if I got a card with two connections I would be able to do 3 way, but I just thought of it in my head,
    and it won't work.
  3. Yeah, I would use three GPUs of that for the 3 way Crossfire.
  4. I mean it won't work with 2 CuCores and one not, I would need two cards that have two connectors w/ only one cucore.

    I might have to return one of these if this is true, maybe I will sell it and flip my money, I got the cucores for 200.
  5. Well this exact card has been recommended by a couple of people now. I don't have any plans for the 5870, I have
    acquired 2 5770 CuCores and I need a 5770 that has two connectors so I can do 3way.

    Would you say that if you were going to do three way you would use this card on all three??
  6. Oh, I thought I would use two 2 ways, but don't three way connectors need two connectors on each card??
  7. ^For 3 way Crossfire u need a 3 way connector bridge.
  8. Sorry, my post wasn't clear. I mean that u need two crossfire bridge for the 3 way Crossfire since all the GPU have two connections.

    Checkthis picture and u will see it

    nVidia has this SLI bridge but i'm not sure if ATI has the same.
  9. Can you give me a link of the one your talking about, there are two on newegg give me a link to the
    vapor-X your talking about. I am sure I am looking at the right one.
  10. wait, are you recommending the one that ends is "VXL"
  11. Salt-City_Slasher said:
    wait, are you recommending the one that ends is "VXL"

    Yeah, but this MSI looks goos too.

    What link do u refer? the GPU or the bridge.
  12. Nevermind, I wanted a link to the page of the one you were recommending cause there are two of them, but i got it.

    I am just in-decisive, and I over analyze everything, chances are I will only have 2 cards for awhile but I just want the freedom to upgrade another, you know.

    I have had plans for the 5850 DirectCu but I will never have money again to buy another 5850 cause I am on a college budget, using leftover funds to buy this rig.
    So what I really want is a card that has it all, from drivers, cooling, OC capabilities and able to go the limit. This sounds funny
    but you know what I mean.
    Tell me what is closest to this: Asus's software(smart dr. and what not) but with a Sapphire vapor x?
    I guess I am being kinda dumb, I know that asus's software allows to oc very good, I havent assumed that all the
    other cards will be able to just as good.
  13. The HAWX looks awesome but same dilema it's only able to do 2 way. :(
    Are you able to use afterburner and other companys software on other cards?
    I read that you can but I have never tried.
  14. Now I understand what do u what, I will look for the 3 way Crossfire support GPU.
  15. Let me ask you, could a HX750 di 4 way 5770??? Cause I was pondering, and since I got a case that can handle 4 way,
    I figured I might as well get other components that will allow me to upgrade. I use to want the UD7 badly and I could
    easily add it cause it the CH4 are pretty much the same price.
    what do you thinnk?
  16. Wait the 2L is the one with eyefinity, actually looking over both the one just says it has eyefinity when actually they both do.
  17. Hey on the 5770's is this Vapor-X the good one, these two links are to the same thing:

    or is the good one this one, this link is to a different card then the two above:

    The one on top says it has eyefinity while the other one doesn't. But the bottom one that ends in VXL seems to be
    the favorite at newegg.

    Which of these two is the better one, is it the 100283VXL or the 100283VX-2L??
    The only difference I can find is that the VXL has eyefinity and the 2L doesn't.
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