Upgrading from GTX 260 to GTX 285. Need opinions!

My system
: CPU E6850 3GHZ, Ram 4 GB 1066Mhz, mobo Asus P5KC, PSU Zalman 600W, Samsung 22'',windows xp SP2.

I will sell my vga card XFX GTX 260 xxx edition for 220€, to buy a GTX 285. My question is: My mobo supports PCI-E 1 and the new card is PCI-E 2. Will i have problem with the bandwith? I mean half of the power of the card will be lost?

P.S. 1 sorry for my poor english

P.S. 2 am i see big difference between the 2 cards. The upgrade will cost me 100€.

P.S. 3 My PSU Zalman 600W is enough for this card?

Thank you, i am waiting your opinions!
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  1. Firstly, let me say, I am not sure you need an upgrade. The "xxx" card is pretty damn good. Especially at a resolution like 1680x1050. Depending on what you play, (crysis perhaps) you shouldn't be having that much of a problem. With using xp you are only able to run DX9 anyway. Which is easier for newer cards like the 260 and 285 to run. If you are having problems the 285 is a great card, no doubt. I also don't think it's terribly overpriced. However, 40nm parts will be out soon and those cards will probably put today's high end performance in the midrange price. My recommendation to you is to wait at least a bit. The PSU, while I am not an expert should be OK considering the smaller 55nm process and the card requiring the same 6-pin connectors the 260 uses. As far as PCI-e 1 vs 2, it is my understanding that it is a bandwidth issue only that cards today are currently just closing in on filling the PCI-e 1 slot. As I said I am not an expert but believe my information to accurate.
  2. Thanks my friend...
    Maybe i will keep my XFX GTX 260 xxx. My fps in Crysis are 37 at high details and 1680X1050. All the other new games are running over 50 fps!
  3. some benches of gtx 260 216 , gtx 285 , and gtx 295 cards from my system

    gtx 260 vantage entry preset


    gtx 285 and gtx 295

  4. My two comments:
    I don't really think that going from a 260 to a 285 is really that much of an "upgrade," and really not worth 100 Euro. The least I'd go for is a 295 or a second 260. (or a 4850X2/4870X2 if you go toward the Radeon side) Anything less would be silly, and would, unless you sell your original card afterward, leave you without your full-power rig for a while.
    On the other hand, should you continue considering, a 600w Zalman PSU should be enough; the 285's power consumption is below that of the 280, which means it won't be that much beyond the 260.
  5. im srry but i disagree nottheking. with how cheap powersupplies have gotten i could never reccommend anything below 45amps.especially with a a gaming rig. even tho gpu's are getting more energy efficient running ones powersupply near 85% load is a recipe for early failure and even more money out of ones wallet.
  6. i think you should get a second gtx 260 and if your power supply doesnt have enough for the two gtx 260 get this :


    you can use that to power the second gtx 260
  7. @joemehnert- if the OP's card is the 216 model, the xxx version is highly overclocked and would likely be the same amount of draw as a stock 285. But it is always best to play it on the safe side as your warning suggests.

    @salabarria- it sounds like the OP is trying to stay in a reasonable budget. Therefore buying another card and extra power support is probably out of the question. Also, while I know drivers for dual GPU setups have improved they still tend to pose problems here and there. Personally, unless you are an uber-serious gamer (like one with a 30" monitor) I think single card setups are always best. With a 22" monitor dual 260's are likely to be overkill, depite the fact they almost never scale 100% (not good investment-wise). If the OP really wants to upgrade, a 285 is the logical course currently, if a bit premature for his needs.
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