Raid 0 with OCZ Agility 2 60 GB performance

I bought two ocz agility 2 60GB from tigerdirect. $250 for both after bing cashback and rebates.

I hear raid 0 does not include trim. How much performance degradation should I expect over time? I was planning on raiding 0 them.

I currenlty have win7 pro, amd athlon 5000, asus m2n-sli-e. with intel x25m.

I've never done raid before so if you have any suggestions, feel free to post.
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  1. You won't have TRIM, so having more spare area becomes even more important.

    With brand new SSDs you can perform the following.

    1. Secure Erase the SSDs if they have been used before
    2. Set controller to RAID mode, create the RAID array and reboot
    3. Boot from Windows DVD and install RAID drivers if necessary (not required for Intel RAID controller)
    4. When asked where to install Windows, you can create a new partition (click Advanced button first), now here comes the trick: do not use the full capacity, but leave a percentage unused and unpartitioned. For example: 2x60= 120GB so create a 80GB partition leaving 40GB unused.
    5. Continue to install per normal.

    This trick would prevent heavy performance degradation over time, and should keep the SSDs performing excellent throughout their use. But, you would be sacrificing 40GB of valuable SSD storage; so its a balance between performance and storage capacity. The more spare area; the higher the performance. Though after 50% or 1:1 ratio the gains are very insignificant.
  2. Excellent tip! I don't mind sacrificing 40GB for more performance. But I thought most take 20% of total space for their unused portion.
  3. True. Go with a 96-102GB OS partition. (120 x .80 = 96)

    Sub says 80 'cause. "The more spare area; the higher the performance."

    I doubt you use over 60GB for OS and Programs. I only use 21+GB, but I have no games.

    BTW: Whatcha doin' with the Intel X25M? What size? Gen2? Just asking.
  4. Yes i believe 20% to 25% is the sweet spot between performance and storage capacity, which includes the default 6.8% spare area that is not visible to the Operating System. So an additional 20% spare by partitioning seems like a good idea.
  5. intel g2 80gig. I'll probably stick it in my pc at work. I just bought it in May. Great piece of hardware but i couldn't pass up the price of the agility 2.

    I quit playing games a while ago. I'll just have win7, office suite, adobe cs3 suite, and programming apps like visual studio.
  6. GR8! I think we gotcha goin'!
  7. Woulda been better off getting another intel for raid 0. Intel drives pown the ocz drives, in i/0.
  8. in i/0, even on the agility 2?
  9. Do i need to run wiper at all to encusre drive health? Also I purchase this - Asus PCIe GEN2 SATA6G,

    I read somewhere that amd motherboard's don't support ahci??
  10. daship: not the OCZ Agility 2: They boost a r/w of 200/160. Intel X25 are 250/70. R=25% slower, W= 129% faster. It's his choice, couldnd't past up a good deal.

    Now the Vertex 2 are better than Intel: r/w of 285/275. But $$$!

    But, yeah, reads are where it is really at, once the OS and Programs are installed.

    And maverick421x: I read that too. AMD = NO ACHI, and NO TRIM! TRIM is supported on Intel boards only. Sorry I missed that. But you are going RAID, so...
  11. That's good to know about the ahci. All this time i was using the intel ssd without any trim then.

    Foscooter: I could be wrong but I think the OCZ Agility 1 have a r/w of 200/160. From what I read, agility 2 is suppose to be near vertex 2 # of 285/275. i did see tigerdirect is selling vertex 2s for $160! Also i had the 80GB of the intel g2. Is it true the 80 is slower than the 160?

    I just bought the 2 of the vertex 2 60Gig. They were the same price as the agilitys 2. I'll be ebaying off the aiglitys 2 once they come in. I plan to do a lot of 3d and image work. So it's better to have faster write I guess?
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