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I can't access the desktop at all. There are no icons and the right click does not work either. I know the programs are still there, because I can see them under the add/delete programs, but I can get to them.
Please help.
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  1. Someone else had this same problem awhile back. I supplied several ways to fix it and this is the method they reported back to say worked for them. Maybe this will help you too.

    Start>Run>Regedit. Navigate to:

    look for NoDesktop,REG_DWORD,1 If it is there, delete it (the NoDesktop key)

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ Explorer,
    Double-click NoActiveDesktopChanges and set it to 0 (if it is not already)
    Double-click NoActiveDesktop and set it to 0 (if exists)

    look for HideIcons REG_DWORD,1 If it is there, delete it (the HideIcons key)

    Close Regedit

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