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i have a problem with the audio after formatting my computer.

ATI Function Driver for HD Audio - ATI AA01
is an audio card?
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  1. Quote:

    ATI Function Driver for HD Audio - ATI AA01
    is an audio card?

    No, it is a missing driver.

    I keep this driver available for download at a file-sharing site for people that come to Tom's hardware that need it. To search the internet for some AMD drivers can be a frustrating challenge.

    Download the zip file

    If you find that you need other drivers, come back, I have more to go with AMD based systems.
  2. i downloaded this zip file, but i did'nt find any exe file in it.

    can u help me in another way?
  3. There is no exe in the zip file. This is a driver that is manually installed.

    2 ways... if you are lucky, right-click the wdmaudio.inf file and select Install

    If it doesn't install, go to Start>Control Panel>System>Hardware>device manager

    Right-click the audio device with the yellow exclamation mark and select re-install driver.
    browse to the folder you have the unzipped files in and follow prompts.
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