Best Graphics card for watching TV

A simple (I hope !!) question.

What's the best graphics card for simply watching streaming internet on my TV ??

I don't play games and don't want a integrated tuner card - i purely wish to watch TV/movies etc. streamed on the internet on my TV. It doesn't even have to support HD necessarily.

A bit of background : Currently I've split the signal from the monitor into 2 in order to connect to the TV. The TV picture is acceptable but the monitor display is blurred (even with a powered video splitter).

Thanks in anticipation.
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  1. any video card that has a HDMI certification.
    If you acn you should just get the ATI 4850.
    Here is a ATI 3870 that should work. - it does have a HDMI dongle.
    Edit: the 3870 has two input connections but only 1 hdmi dongle
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