Is there Anyone who has seen Gigabyte dual bios working?????

All overclocker need to change the BIOS setting's now and then.They are eager to update to latest BIOS :bounce: for improvent in hardware funcionality..
But there the trouble begins..... during BIOS Flashing is someting get's worng you are ****ed off as i was with my Old ECS Mobo P4M800-Pro.I tried to update BIOS from windows using AMI flash utility and after i pressed FLASH there was a flash all over, not flash the MOBO was all over.....The PC hanged, i lost patience after wating for 10 mins and i rebooted with blank screen no POST beeps all dead.I got to know that its BOOT BLOCK'S dead i tried the methods mentioned all over the web of Internet nothing worked and here In India there's NO ECS Support damn!! I have to use the board as paperwieght.........
Now on the main point:
I got a Gigabyte board this time with dual BIOS to get rid of this problems...It's my first GB board i used Mercury,ECS earlier..Have anyone of you guys have seen the dual BIOS doing its job in the situation i was with my ECS mobo means if i use @Bios and PC hangs will the baod be immune from this or it will die,,,,,,,,,,I know if boot block's dead there of no chance of Dual BIOS kick'in in so have any one have got through this situation with this Mobo's with Dual BIOS.There's a option of flashing the BIOS from where the computer boots using Q-Flash does this utility is free from hazards of Bios Flashing....................
All i need is the help of expertise and experinced users so please reslove my problem...
Thanks All
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  1. its solved now i myself tried to crash by bios by switching off mains during flash and it was restored by the board,,,,,,,, but at that time my heat came to my mouth,,,
  2. It works if you screw up at overclocking and instead of taking out the battery on the board it just goes back to a safer earlier bios!
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