PLEASE HELP! boot issues.

hi, i'm not too sure if this is where to post this but here goes?
system is,
mobo: GA-EP45-DS4P
CPU: intel Q9450
RAM: Kingston KHX8500DR2K2 - 1066Mhz (4 x 1 GIG)
HHD's: 2 x 500 gig W.D sata, running in RAID 0 (windows xp)
1 x 500 gig W.D sata (storage)
everything was running fine until i tried to add a terrabyte HHD in this morning.
initially i got a "DISK BOOT ERROR" right after the post pool varification. so i fiddled around with my connections etc, unplugged the new HDD and my optical drives and windows started to boot. i turned off system, added new HDD, windows started to boot, i turned off system and reconnected opticals, now when i tried to start up again i got a "restetting bios successful" message during post and that was it, after pool initialisation i get windows couldn't boot system 32 file missing or corrupted.
i tried to reinstall on a spare drive, just to check out what's what, and i get a bsod stop error as soon as windows finishes installing files.
i've had similar problems with other machines and it's always a RAM issue, so i pulled out all but one stick, no good, i've been into bios and everything is set ok, RAID 0 is working.
i flashed bios from F5 to F7, still no good.

hope that all makes sense

please help, i'm 2 weeks from end of uni semester, need my pc BADLY!

thanks in advance for any replies.
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  1. p.s bios hadn't reset to an earlier version, i just updated it in desperation.
  2. What are the PS specs?
  3. sorry, i looked in the FAQ's, ps? post screen?
    as in the error i get when windows won't boot or when i try to install fresh?

    when windows won't boot just gives me the windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM

    but i think you want the error i'm getting when i try to install?
    i'll go do it and reply shortly.
  4. a problem has been detected and windows needs to....blah blah......


    so that's the blue screen error right after windows loads the files off the cd and goes into "windows is starting up"
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